Ploter - the all-in-one reader for learning

Ploter is an all-in-one reader for your ebooks, audiobooks, pdfs, and more. Take highlights and annotations across all formats (including audio) and have these synced to your favourite note-taking app. Remember everything you read.

We have recently launched early access Android and Windows apps which are available to download on Play Store and Microsoft Store.

Some of the features we support right now:

  • Text formats - can upload and read your epub and pdf files.
  • Audio formats - can upload and then stream from the cloud your own m4a, m4b and mp3 files.
  • Your audiobooks are automatically transcribed after upload using a state of the art model. You can listen to your audiobook and simultaneously follow the transcript or just read the transcript itself.
  • EInk mode - use Ploter on Android eReaders with eInk screens like Onyx Boox.
  • Highlights - you can take highlights on ebooks, pdf documents, as well as on audiobook transcripts.
  • Notion Sync - all of your highlights are synced to Notion if you enable the integration.
  • Book files, reading progress and highlights automatically synced across all of your devices.
  • Free 500mb cloud storage.

Coming Soon:

  • Syncing highlights to other note-taking apps like Obsidian and Evernote.
  • Flashcard support - use AI to create flashcards and automatically sync to Anki.
  • Generative AI for text summarization, translation and more.
  • More cross format features like text-to-speech and full-text search, even within audiobooks.
  • iOS, macOS and web apps

To learn more, stay up to date or provide feedback, please join our subreddit or discord server.