The all-in-one reader for learning

Read EPUBs, PDFs, audio and more. Extract learnings through highlights and annotations. Remember everything you read.


Focus on reading

Ploter makes reading for learning seamless

A single app for all of your reading

EPUB, PDF, audio and web articles.

Notes & Highlights

Available in Ploter and automatically synced to note-taking apps like Notion, Obsidian and Evernote.


Read and highlight audiobooks and podcasts in text form

All-in-one reading app.

AI Assistant Use state of the art AI to summarize text, translate between languages and generate flashcards.

Incremental Reading Create flashcards from highlights and review these through Anki.

Cross-device synchronization Access your whole library (ebooks, audiobooks, pdfs) across devices including Android ereaders.

Free 500 MB Cloud Storage Enough to store 200+ of your ebooks.

All of your reading in a single app

Early Access to our apps is available on Android and Windows. More platforms coming soon.

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